Gloria Tindana

photo of Gloria Tindana
Class of 2026
Major: Nursing

Each year, Walsh University welcomes international students from dozens of different countries.  Before they can begin their academic pursuit in the United States, they apply for a student visa and wait for it to be approved. Along with the uncertainty of knowing when they will begin their freshman year, they often feel apprehensive about living abroad.

Gloria Tindana, who traveled about 5,000 miles from Ghana, a country in West Africa, to study in The Byers School of Nursing, recalls feeling pleasantly surprised when she arrived on campus.

“Coming to the USA, I had mixed feelings because I didn’t know how I was going to be treated,” she said. “From the new friends I have made, to the International Ambassadors, faculty and staff who are friendly and supportive, I have felt loved and welcome.”

Gloria believes nursing is a noble profession and has wanted to go into the medical field since she was a young girl. She found Walsh’s program to be among the ten best nursing schools in Ohio.

“I chose Walsh University because of its highly-rated nursing program and opportunities to do my clinicals at top hospitals in the state. My passion is providing quality healthcare, caring for my patients and saving lives,” she said. “I also wanted a school with a mission and values that will help me grow spiritually as well as academically.”

It didn’t take long for her to find quiet places to pray with chapels located throughout campus. She also joined the Black Student Union and became the Treasurer and joined the band.

“Walsh has given me the opportunity to explore a talent I never knew I had,” she said. “Coming from Ghana, one of the developing countries in the world, I feel special because most people back home would love to be in my shoes. My family and friends have encouraged me to keep soaring higher. I feel grateful I got the chance to come here. I’m in a very good school where my future goals are secured.”

Gloria hopes to work for Aultman Hospital and then continue her education at Walsh in the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program.

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